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Mouse’s Sunset Tattoo Update

11:49 pm

Hi friends of Mouses Sunset Tattoo, there will be a temporary hours change while I search for another tattoo artist worthy of the empty chair in Mouses Sunset Tattoo.

I have owned my own shop, in five different locations starting in 1975 in Daytona underground, South Dakota, Elkton, Northeast, Perryville and Edgewood Maryland. I’ve owned a shopping Willow Street, Pa., Clearwater Florida, DeLand Florida and now, for the last 4 years back in good old Largo, 2 blocks from my original shop in the early 90′s next to Tai Bay Restaurant, when I was still a Snowbird and had a great kid and friend Jeff running things, my shops now a phone store but my friends pipe store, Wooden ship Emporium is still there. Point is I’ve kept all my shops till employees got lazy, that’s why now I own onwards shop and just want a few artist that are good.

My brother Rob Massimiano owned three, now he owns our original store, Tidewater Tattoo in Elkton Md. So yes, my shop has been around awhile and it is run efficient, clean, professional, friendly and fairly priced. Yes it is a True Old School Shop, yes I’m an an OG, that’s old guy in old school language, 40 plus years in this business, I’ve received over 320 awards in my lifetime, competing with some of the best, and I would like to tell you most of them are still my friends today. We have always believed the customer is NOT always right, but their tattoo must be. I will run my shop that way till I’m gone, no matter if it offends some people.

Thank you for your patience while I find the perfect artist for you and I. Our hours until further notice are; Tuesday thru Saturday- 11am till 9pm, I am available on Sundays and Monday for those that have those days free, Please remember, appts are made by deposit only, refundable on price of tattoo unless your a multiple times customer. I hope all of you, this is because I believe every tattoo should be perfect, although some problems come from bad skin or neglect in healing and can’t be helped but fixed. Hope to see you soon and by the way, if you want a tattoo later than 6, I will do it. I still owe all of this to three people in my life, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, for teaching me a lot about tattooing and being a man when I was only 14, and Harry Von Groff who put me in his shop at age 15 and started me in it. And mostly too my father who taught me to draw and stay true to yourself beliefs, no matter who it offends, your not there to be everyone’s friend, you’re there to treat them with respect till they don’t deserve it but ALWAYS try to do a perfect tattoo. Just something to maybe help some of you better understand Mouse and why he demands a shop like a operating room, for your safety, and artists who care that everyone is perfect. Thanks for understanding, Mouse and Kim.

Oh hell, I forgot two important shops from the 80′s, one in Odessa, Delaware with my brother and one in Newark Delaware with Ernie Carafa, when I ran Guideline Tattoo Supply with him in our tattoo shop, Ernie is the man that tough to me how to make the best fucking tattoo machines ever, 2 if which I still use today and how to make great needles, we painted flash all the time, and I still use a liner that runs like a raped ape from Snake Yates. God I miss the old days.